Friday, 31 August 2018

With every vacation, comes an opportunity to be FREE!!!

Thank goodness for All Access Production, because the project enabled me to travel around a lot this year to film, meet different interesting personalities and get even more exposed to certain realities I wasn't aware of. I had the most amazing experiences and the most beautiful photos taken, however, it wasn't until I decided to go on vacation that I decided to share my encounters and alter ego to show you what I am like when I am not ranting about serious stuff or working my behind off!

No one told me how expensive Uber is in SA, my GAD!!! When the alerts started flooding in, I almost had a heart attack but the Airbnb is reasonably priced. This might mean goodbye to hotels forever for me if the deal remains the same for other countries on my bucket list.

I couldn't capture all the moments especially when I almost got arrested in Jo'burg for 'Public Drinking,' the officer called it.

Anyone who knows me knows that overly indulging in consuming alcohol or even holding liquor in, isn't my forte. So, imagine how much I would have hated myself had I been arrested for something I don't even enjoy doing!

This episode occurred a day before my vacation was to be over. My Airbnb host decided to give Mamus and I a treat so, he took us to the Northcliff. I didn't even notice he was carrying a picnic sort of bag till we got there. It was a bit warm that day so 4 bottles of Castle Lite Beer he had in his bad came in handy.

I drank one bottle very slowly since I didn't want to get tipsy and trip off! Anyway, when it was time to go bag-hunting for our excess luggage, I still had my beer remaining and decided to finish it up during the ride to the store. We were about 20 metres away from the store when a Police Officer pulled us over. Yepa!

Our host happens to be Caucasian and in my head, I was thinking,"crap, hope this officer's anger isn't intensified for seeing 2 black women with this white man!'' He walked up to me and said that my host, who was driving is aware that I am not meant to drink in the car even though I wasn't the one driving. He then said he'll get a breathalyser to know how much the host drank. That's when Mamus started calling my name multiple times like, "Titi, what the hell have you done?" Anyway, I sat calmly, hoping that we were somehow going to get out of that hook and a few minutes later, the officer let us go. WHEW!!!

This trip was beyond amazing and I'm looking forward to my next destination.

Watch and share your thoughts in the comment section. Later!

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