Thursday, 4 January 2018

New Year Delusions

While everyone is so hyped about the New Year and turning into self-acclaimed motivational speakers on social media platforms, I stay reminiscing on what happened to 2017… I mean, it started out positively, I attended a Crossover Service to 2017 with my sister which got us so flipping hyped, I was in the honeymoon phase of my relationship, I quit my then job for a better job which I have now quit again K, I even opened a miscellaneous section in my agenda- which was really for having a baby. I had a gratitude Jar in which I placed all these things I was meant to do and those I’d accomplished.

I actually almost accomplished everything I had in my agenda/jar for 2017 but by the end of the year, I had lost everything. I do not only mean everything in my jar, but also my savings- my journey to having 30 Billion in the account!

There were some astounding lessons and accomplishments though; I got to visit new countries- went on an actual vacation- I mean wearing nothing but a bikini with sunglasses and getting fried by the sun while glancing at eye candy all over the place kind of vacation! Lest I digress, I also experienced a new phase of my career and understood that human/client management isn’t as easy, but I pulled through it quite well, My mum’s health improved tremendously, my nephew and I bonded so well that sometimes I take decisions as though he is mine- I need to work on this though, my dad’s words helped me through a major heart break. You know, my dad’s words make me feel like such a queen that when he’s done talking to me, I begin to wonder what kind of roach I’m letting bother me. Bless you daddy!

Despite losing all the major accomplishments of 2017, there were all these accomplishments and more which kept me afloat, but 2017 still happens to be the most disastrous year I have ever experienced, to the point that everything in Nigeria started ripping into my peace of heart like hell- paying at Lekki toll when the road is wack! Useless electricity tariff, employer handling my salaries as though it’s such a huge favour not that I worked hard for it! Louts, security guards, custom/immigration officers, police traffic wardens and the likes asking for money as though they forgot some in my wallet! Little beggars strategically placed by their guardians all over the place surrounding my car at the traffic stops and repeating the same damn words that constantly hit my “don’t give a flying ****” zone! Like, have you freaking asked me how I’m fairing? I have my burden too!  I’ll never understand why these begging mafias are allowed to stay on the roads, threatening commuters, but that’s a story for another day. Did I forget the money spent fixing my car? Even though I normally dislike ‘something has gone bad’ sounds emanating from my car and fix it up immediately; now, due to bad suspensions in my car, the noises I hear when my car hits a bad road sounds like love song to my ears.  

I’d normally let things happen while acting as though I am not expecting it. Let me try to explain this; so I’d take certain actions towards my plans but won’t actively push to avoid jinx or to trick life into not throwing unwanted energies. This strategy works-ish for me, but not to a full potential.

This year is definitely going to be different! I have drawn out plans which are split into quarterly subsections and have realistic processes to reach my goals. And hey, I didn’t arrive at this point by reading some lame quote on social media; I arrived at this point in a quest for something different from the usual.

In all, I am not getting unnecessarily hyped over nothing that is; without tangible reasons or over baseless quotes such as ‘people will be saying congratulations to you in 2018’, ‘you will receive a call that will change your life this year, ‘your helper will locate you’ and what not. You know, very unfounded reasons to be thrilled.

In fact, I am almost tempted to advice on better ways to handle a new year, but I refuse to be that annoying under-qualified motivational speaker. Haha!

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