Friday, 22 December 2017

My Encounter with Hard Drugs

Having been brought up with a God infused fear for my dad and an iron fist by my mum, hard drugs are things I only hear about or see in the movies but never had any opportunity to see or touch. Well, except for weed, which I have seen but never smoked or eaten (I promise, I'm not lying!).

Well, this was the case up until few days ago... Imagine! Someone destroyed this naive sweet girl! How evil can this world get? *Wiping innocent tears off my eyes*

Here's what happened, I met this man that seemed queer from the onset, but prided himself on being special and out of the ordinary. He was so off-centre that I was mostly left stunned by our conversations. I mean, most of our chats were;

Convo 1
Him: Uh oh, the traffic in Lagos is crazy, I'm stuck in one right now
Me: Well, the good thing is you aren't driving yourself; else your traffic stories will be far worse
Him: You need to control your emotions; your emotions are all over the place
Me: Huh?

Convo 2 -on a Friday at 12:30AM
Him: Shall we go somewhere quiet for drinks?
Me: Quiet on a Friday? Hmmm, is there anywhere quiet in Lagos? ‘South’ maybe?
Him: Naaa South is noisy.
Me: I don't think there is anywhere quiet today.
Him: What the hell are you talking about? Its either you want to see me or not
Me: huh?

These are very light examples. He always went from 0 to 100 so fast that I was left dizzy; but being that I have a lot of free time this season, I tolerated it and after a lot of back and forth; we finally fixed a date, time and a quiet place to meet.

On the set day, I walk in and see a white powdery substance poured on the table, I feel it and it is so smooth that and I'm thinking to myself "why does he freaking need a baby powder", but I ignore it, walk up to him, stretch out my arms for a hug, he walks up close to me and I notice immediately that his pupil is larger than usual- this didn't strike any unusual chord because he'd complained about stress the entire day and I simply thought that easily explained the enlarged pupil. In the midst of all these initial observations, my date is sweating a freaking pool in a freezing cold place and couldn't sit the heck down.

I walk over to a seat, settle in and get into my 'teasing to get actual answers' mood. While teasing, baba starts rolling two new 500 Naira notes, then he walks to the table, bends down towards the powder and starts sniffing and I'm like "wait a minute, something is going down here". Then I asked what it was and he went, "It's a cocktail. Wha,t you've never had it? Nigerians love this stuff", and went ahead to mention some names. I asked how he got it and he told me it’s sold all over the place. Loads of questions I cannot recall came rolling out of my mind and mouth simultaneously.

A friend of mine had previously mentioned to me that a lot of guys in Lagos are heavily into cocaine, but I never really believed that as one do not exactly see drug addicts wondering the streets of Lagos. I mean, I see mad people but that is from witches in their village right? I kid?!

But really, do Nigerians have some form of method of shielding this habit? Is it fear of getting caught by the Law Enforcement Authorities or just a typical example of cultural hypocrisy?

The funny thing is, he brought out a very small portion of the powdered substance and told me to try it. It was at that point I understood the essence of that verse 'FLEE FROM TEMPTATION'. I legit considered it just to grasp the thrill but remembered a conversation with an ex who told me that if cocaine is tried once and the body likes it, it'd crave for more. The fear of addiction quenched my curiosity, but the fact that I actually considered it *sigh* I simply carried my bag and strutted out. Of course, Mr. X will never hear from me again in case you are wondering.

I’d always previously said I couldn’t be tempted to do anything I didn’t want to, that night proved me wrong. Guess I’m unhappy with myself for having the thought to try but hey, it could happen to you. And so my boos, stay away from situations that’s likely to bring out your unknown beast.

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