Thursday, 29 September 2016

The World Ain’t Nothing Without A Woman

I recently received a message on one of my social media platforms which I have decided to generously share with you;

Hello Titi, How are you doing? I saw your profile here and I think you are very interesting and so pretty (I love your smile and your curves).  My name is Kay and I am a German. I hope to find the right woman for life. But I want to be very honest with you from the start: I have two African women in Nigeria already and am looking for my third woman. The other women know about this and they are very OK with it. We are having a very good relationship with lots of love and sex too. My two women enjoy sex with each other too. I hope you are not offended with my honesty. So maybe- if I am lucky – you agree on sharing me. And I think meeting is better than only writing messages. So I am willing to come to your Nigeria soon after we got to know each other a bit.

I am just going to look over ‘I love your smile and your curves’, to say that; back in the day, I’d waste precious 5 minutes constructing a long insulting response to this foolishness, but these days i just either ignore if the person is over 30 yet brainless, or I respond with a lecture if the fellow is below 30. I didn’t respond to this because, this man is way over 40 and I know for sure that a fool at that age is stuck in the fools community till death. However, I am going to address disrespect in general –especially, from the opposite sex. After all, it sure does make good content for my blog.

Sometimes- in fact most times, I just want to hang out with my friends and dance in ‘our’ space (which is why, you are more likely to find me licking a baboon’s bum than in a crowded place), then some guy comes from behind and thinks it OK to rub his reproductive organs on my back, then when I apply my deadly gaze, he acts all confused and insinuates that I am dancing seductively at the first place because I want some attention. *sigh* I swear that I have searched all over for sense to attach to that statement but have found none. Let’s assume I am really out to seek attention, shouldn’t the right thing to do be- to ask for a dance or be sleek enough to slide in front of me but keep a healthy distance and hope I somehow get in the naughty grind mood?

Another one that gets me is the question, ’Are you a child’? This, I thought had gone with the winds due to exposure and of course; growth, but apparently not! So few weeks ago, my friend and I were talking about this same issue- you know, a guy tries to cajole a girl into having sex, she shoves him off and next thing, he hits her with the “are you a child” question. Like dude, how does that correlate? Asides from the fact that i am indeed someone’s child whom you intend to render crippled; so, in order to prove just how mature I am, It’d be idle to spread my legs for every man that wants a go?  

But of course, I wouldn’t blame men entirely; going back to oga from Germany, dude says he’s got two Nigerian women that do not mind him being with multiple women, and I just wonder what in the hell kind of women those are. The truth is, most women including me, have made a fool of ourselves at a point in our lives; but as time passes by and we build ourselves and take note of all we can and have been able to achieve, we begin to realise our worth, and then begin to scream out for gender equality. This doesn’t mean we cannot decide to indulge in some form of foolishness though. But In most cases, while some men get dumber and dumber (trust me if the money I have come across equals the number of foolish men I have encountered, I’d be somewhere getting rid of future wrinkles), women are taking over.

So I see no reason why women should look over disrespect and settle for – It is a man’s world. As Seal rightly sang, “it is a man’s world but it ain’t nothing without a woman or a girl”, go figure!

The worst part of it all is that, some would stumble on this post and after reading, they’d go find out if I am single and if I happen to be, they’d say I am bitter because I am not married and even further advise me to calm down else I might end up alone, WONDERS!!!

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