Sunday, 11 September 2016

Death must really love Nigeria

Few weeks ago, I stumbled on this article by Ekene Som Mekwunye on Sahara reporters, detailing his ordeal with The Lagos State Teaching Hospital (LUTH), and I couldn’t help but fear for my life. I’d always said out of faith that I can never die young; so even while in a bumpy flight or car, or in any other fearful situation or place , I’d maintain my cool, because somehow, my mind had been fixed on the fact that I’d always be alright. But after receiving a sad news this evening, which somehow connects to the article at the top, I honestly now fear sickness more than I do crawling animals!

There are numerous articles online detailing sad events people go through in Nigerian hospitals, but we all just read, say “it’s not our portion”, and move on unaffected. But isn’t that the major problem in Nigeria today? The fact that we don’t care, as long as we- and sometimes, our family members are fine, when the truth is that we should all be concerned about the state of our ‘country’ and find means for it to excel. I fear thought of needing a minor surgery, then walking into a Nigerian hospital only end up dead due to negligence, or walking into a hospital with malaria and ending up with an even deadlier disease and a heart condition to crown it due to the evils I might pass through in the hands of the Medicare personnel (esp. the evil nurses).

I say death must really love Nigeria because, we ensure that it stays well fed! Our healthcare system ensures that death sure never lack bodies that were previously great people or people with great prospects!

After watching a video on the evacuation of a giant anthill, I couldn’t help but wonder how for the life of me- ANTS could think to build themselves a home, store food for the rainy day, but somehow Nigerians (Humans with equal brain power as the rest of the world) can’t do same. We know we’ve got flooding issues but pay no attention to the drainage system, we knew way before hand from forecast that there would be an economic recession yet, nothing was put in place… You know, and so many other issues that just frustrates me. If I didn’t know any better, I would have killed myself a long time ago due to frustration, but what difference would that make asides for just being one more body for death to munch on? And being so slim, death might just even decide to store me as its toothpick. Running away from the country will fix nothing either, because I would still come across news about the disastrous state of Nigeria, and go into a depressive state.

What is Titi on about again?

So I used to be in this PR WhatsApp group where we’d jointly come up with creatives for varying events… There was this guy in it that I mockingly use to refer to as ‘Bless up’. You know all those boys with natural swag and a cool way of speaking? He had a way of ending all his chats – either “bless up” Gee or anything else in that line. I just got news that he died this evening in LUTH due to the lack of a qualified surgeon to operate on him and that just broke my heart. He was young, recently graduated from the university and had a clothing line that wasn’t doing badly at all. He happened to be one of the much needed young entrepreneurs in Nigeria, we could have all been proud of; and it is just too sad to have lost him so soon.

It is not a thing to take likely that we neither have infrastructures nor infrastructural power put in place. Only if speaking or writing about stuff that affect us as citizens of Nigeria made a difference.

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