Thursday, 8 September 2016

Am i the only one who is trying out all means to be successful?

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!” - Richard Branson

I can't begin to tell you the varying areas of digital marketing and social media management i have read, and watched and practiced today. Talk about crash course!

I didn't know i still had it in me to study this hard; after all i went through in that dreaded Alma mater of mine LOL! I mean, the university did help my reading culture but taught me literally nothing! I like to say i am completely self-trained. Honestly don't know why i spent 5 years in the university, enriching someone else.

But come to think of it, is a university actually meant to imbibe all life survival skills? I don't think so  So, i forgive you for the last time Alma mater!

Okay, back to the matter... But before i go it, i hope I’m not just writing this out of initial excitement then be back at square 1 over time. And I say initial excitement because I just started studying about things I have been doing for a while, but without formal or should I say – professional knowledge. Let me back track a bit just to carry you along…

So i was through with high school in 2003, but because it was University of Lagos aka Unilag or i quench, i waited 3 years at home before going into the University. In fact, i completely ignored my admission into some school in the UK back then on top this Unilag Matter, and never told my parents about the admission. I don't know if someone was sitting on my destiny! My brothers and sisters, what was i thinking!?! So after Unilag decided to show themselves by saying it is Marine Science that was best for me at the time, and University of Port-Harcourt – in fact, the whole of Port-Harcourt ended up looking so dead, and my father said God forbid to Onabisi Onabanjo University, i ended up in an over-priced private school.

I remember how proud i was to be an under graduate of Information Technology. We would go around campus with our shoulders high, talking about how the success of Nigeria and the world at large depended on us. My dear Yoruba lecturers will come into lecture rooms throwing ‘number eleun – eleven, fis - Fish’ in the air. I will never forget Mr Shopeju and all the repetitious fabricated stories and brags. He openly bragged in one of our classes about how if he ever met one of the top Nigerian leaders (who own my alma mater), he’d tell him what a shabby job he’d done in the country. Lo and behold, this leader happened to attend one of the convocation ceremonies, and Mr Shopeju gave a lovely speech on how excellent this leader was/is, and all he’d learnt from him – see all of us shocked repeating ‘what a wow’ over and over again. Or is it my ‘Artificial Intelligence’ lecturer – what’s that his name again??? He delivered a very wonderful speech in class about how he visited Japan on a very important assignment. Immediately he got into his hotel room, something in him prompted him to search the room; and as he did that, he found bugs all over the place. Apparently, on hearing he was a man vast in Artificial Intelligence, the Japanese were consumed with fear and wanted to know what his mission was, and so decided to bug his room. Then he told us how quick he was to learn the language, and just in the middle of this amazing speech, he paused, picked up his phone and began ranting in some language he later told us was Japanese. I couldn’t even laugh before he bounces me from his class and that would mean Au revoir to 10% of my AI grade. We just had to keep straight faces and let the story marinate whether we believed it or not!

Anyhoo, after school i served as an IT Service Supports Personnel and worked one more year after the National Youth Service Corps on contractual basis. See me carrying systems from block A to Block D of NNPC towers… I was like “what is this?! Did I spend 5 years in Uni just to become an Omo-odo”? I mean it wasn’t all bad, I learnt a lot; also, we (the NYSC set at the time) were proud as hell, good looking too. So, we’d do our jobs but take no extra nonsense. I remember a certain time I went to fix an internet connection issue some Manager was experiencing; while fixing it, the man asked why I wasn’t wearing trousers considering my kind of job… In my mind, i was like ‘ahhan, who is this one now? You won’t face your work’… so I ignored him and this man just called me ode from nowhere! I was like whaaaaaaaa??? I didn’t know I was working in a market o where people could just drop insults just cos they could *Please don’t try my strategy oh! I had nothing to lose at the time*. And the Dundee said he was just joking- you know that smile that’s so quick to be in the faces of perverted old men. I also won’t forget this certain lady in my department I’d never met; at the time, she was on maternity leave. The day she resumed, she was talking with my boss outside the office, so on getting to the entrance of the office; she stretched out her hand for me to take her handbag from her. That’s how I paused and was looking at her hand o cos I thought she was having a seizure! SCALLIWAG like this!

I did enjoy my job at the time, but I was worried of the constant need to improve on my IT skills, which were either too expensive at the time, or I didn’t just research well enough to obtain free credible IT certifications. You know then NIIT was in vogue. ITIL and CCNA were expensive as ki lo de! Also, the job was just too tedious and physically draining me, so I decided to opt for a position that entailed what I was good at – Talking and entertaining!

Then I stumbled on radio and TV, but wasn’t satisfied. I’d always told a friend of mine in back in school that I wasn’t cut out for her buy and sell business or whatever it was she was suggesting at the time. I’d say, ‘I am my father’s daughter, I only do brain work’; hence the reason I got dissatisfied with being on an On-air personality. Hey, I am not in any way insinuating that being an OAP does not require brain work. It requires more brain work than you can imagine, but the show I was co-hosting at the time didn’t require too much of the brain as long as I was concerned.

Since I refused to further my education after acquiring a bachelor’s degree, I decided to streamline my skills to suit one industry I love and thrive in – The media industry. Can’t be learning how to paint walls today and tomorrow, learning how to milk a cow. That way, my life is in order; I won’t be 40 tomorrow and wondering what exactly I should stick to or what exactly I am good at. But in not furthering my education, I turned to online courses and research to improve my skills and give me an edge in the industry.

Soooo, you’ve been reading this long story so I can make it to 1200, because I am trying to practice a Search Engine Optimization tip I read about today. Why am I reading about SEO? This brings me to the quote at the top by Richard Branson, I’ve offered to help someone out with a mini project; now, I am working backwards- learning how to carry out the project. For the first time, I fully understand that statement. Goodnight mes amis!


  1. Titi, should I just shoot you? Why did you stop the story? My amebo ears are itching for more. I thought that quote was from my father o. He always says it. Say yes to do something, then learn and do it.

  2. Really beautiful piece.i enjoyed every bit.

  3. Nice writing... I'll title it the epistle of titilayo