Sunday, 11 September 2016

Act Like You Do


I can’t tell you how long it took me to fully forgive myself for my past mistakes and failures. Wondering if anyone else cringes while reminiscing about something rather silly that’s happened or you’ve done in the past. That was me the whole period I spent torturing myself. But hey, I’ve developed a rather strong persona that is unperturbed by negative stories, whether true or false.

We look at other people’s lifestyles or listen to mostly concocted stories about other people and somehow feel the need to judge or talk about how they could have been better; in fact, I have been guilty of this countless times, but boy- ‘who you epp? Your views are only relevant if they are building up not tearing down. So in realizing that, I suppress that urge to lash out on a friend that is acting out of the regular. What I do is, I try to criticize constructively while been blunt of course, then depending on the level at which I am personally affected by what I see or have been told, I express myself to my very mature confidant who helps me see the bigger picture. That is; things I can and cannot change. I bet there are a thousand things about you too that would make even the devil itself cringe, so back off a little.

I am writing this in reaction to some of the negative out all the positive comments Kel’s new single has received. The funny thing is, on viewing profiles of some of her criticizers; I realized they were mostly timid kids hiding behind their PCs either because they’ve been oppressed by the many successes of other people or simply have grown in such negatively influenced environments that they cannot stand anything positive or anything that is good.

I had not listened to the new single "Act Like You Do" up until today and while listening to it, I couldn’t help but wonder how anyone could think up a negative view of the craft. Honestly if you ask me, I say she isn’t even leveraging on the quality of the song as much as she should. Listen to the song from an unbiased stand point if you appreciate good work and tell me it isn’t good. If you say it isn’t good, receive sense in what/whomever you worship’s name!

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  1. Wow!!!! Very well written, Titi. Well done. Kudos to Kel.