Sunday, 3 May 2015

Think Like A Woman That You Are, Not A Man

Of course, why should I think like a woman that I am? Someone somewhere reckons it better for women to think like men yet, act, dress and speak like women. How awesome is that!

The idea of women thinking like men makes sense to a lot of people. But my question is, what then is the essence of having two different sexes? The point cannot be for us to reason alike. This is one of the numerous reasons I have refused to associate myself with the "Think like a man and act like a lady" book and movie because it does a perfect job at helping the female gender lose their identities. It is bad enough that so many cultures still expect women to sit a few inches lower than their male partners, covers themselves up while the men dress freely, serve the men and his family and so many other derogatory expectations placed on women, we now have to round it up with women thinking like men?

Imagine how unbalanced the world would be, had everyone's thought pattern been alike...

Both genders - male and female are beautifully made with unique innate qualities which I deeply believe will bring proper balance if we focus on merging qualities from both genders to their full potentials.

In comparing our innate qualities, I read a very interesting study in TheGuardian and according to this study, women cope far better than men under pressure. No wonder – we are often under it. Not only do we have institutionalised oppression and discrimination to deal with, but under this system, men become lazy and complacent.  Do I need to go further by mentioning our ability to multitask better than men? With all of these elements women possess, what is the need to trying to think like a man? It is absolutely unnecessary except the idea is to understand how men think to help guide us when we have to work with them. 

Why is diversity in culture, people, activities beautiful? Because it helps us expand, broaden our perspectives, and sometimes if help with bringing about solutions to some life challenges! That is the reason people that think it pointless to travel in order to experience cultural diversities- or at least read all sorts to gain knowledge about the rest of the world, end up with the most shallow mentalities.

A substantial number of women buy the idea of thinking like men for the sole purpose of playing games that would help salvage dying intimate relationships- make men want and respect them. But the respect wouldn’t be lost at the first place if women would assume positions of power considering all we are and the value we have to this world, rather than reduce ourselves to becoming clueless wimps. 

This is no way an attack on men, I am focusing on female qualities so all women can finally know themselves and be comfortable with being themselves. A woman ought to think like a woman! Someone who can standalone but can also merge her innate skills with what a man's whenever the need arises.

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