Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Would it be right to say that as long as you have gotten something in exchange for sex or companionship, you are a “Runs girl” or “runs boy”?? Please do take note of the fact that I used the term “runs boy”, because Nigerian boys/men recently seem to be flourishing more in the business.

In Nigeria, a girl is referred to as a “runs girl” if she engages in any form of sexual act in exchange for money. Since Nigerians have a deep knowledge of the topic at hand, this articled would be channeled towards Nigerians. 

I remember asking a friend of mine few years ago, who exactly is to be called a runs girl, and she said, and I quote “As long as you have gone to bed with someone, knowing that you are going to gain something materialistic in return, you are a runs girl”. 

If her answer is right; then in this day and age, half the boys and girls in Nigeria are in this runs thing together. We have men gallivanting all around town looking for rich girls to associate with or even marry whether love be present or not.

Looking at this comment Eldee shared on Instagram and twitter last year, A “Runs Girl” Aint Nothing but a High Priced Prostitute, Stop Celebrating These Hoes & Making Them Role Models for Young Girls’, I can’t help but ask if he isn’t guilty of intimately associating with “these girls” or haven’t tried offering gifts or money for intimacy??? Not saying he is guilty, this is me wondering out loud. 

You see it is easy to accuse someone of something you are guilty of. The society demands a lot from people and many are foolish enough to dance to the tunes of these unreasonable demands! People love to associate with those that seem to be chopping life; guys now want richer girls, men want more sex and are willing to offer whatever price for it, greed has its own part to play in these demands or we just happen to be in love with generous people LOL- the reasons go on and on. 

All I am saying is, before you decide to callout a “runs girl”, think of men's recent craze for men like them poking their bums, think of the one time you said “to heck with it, I need that money”, think of the greed that forever seem to hold on tight, think of the rich boys you be eyeing at parties…… finally, ask yourself whom you are to judge! Not approving dependence on sex to make ends meet. All I am saying is, if you go through a mentation process and you and sincere about the facts, you’d realize that maybe, just maybe you re guilty of today’s focus!

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