Thursday, 22 January 2015

Only devil incarnates do not worship on sundays

Little wonder we have over 2000 thousand churches in Lagos alone- not to talk of the number all over Nigeria. Yet the total number of people with an in-depth understanding of God and His principles are probably a little over 60. 

There are a lot of people plausibly worse than the devil himself, going around seeking those that missed the "Sunday ritual", so they can somehow convince themselves that they are better than others. I do go to church, but i do not make it a ritual because if indeed the church knew it all, most negativity exhibited by the faithful Sunday worshipers, would have been almost nonexistent due to discernment. But because some principles, if not sought "personally" cannot be grasped, we have single workers (for God) banging each other, gossiping and giving false testimonies in order to coax people into worshiping God.

This post isn't to talk down on Sunday worshipers, it is simply implying that if you are indeed a sincere worshiper, you'd be so lost in it; you won't have time to look for people to talk down on. I believe you would only seek others to put down because, deep down in your heart, you somehow believe that your constant church going lessens your sins; Sins which are bound to be repeated 5 minutes or maybe a minute after service.

It would be wisdom to read Matthew 7:21-23. I believe completely that we’d be shocked on that day..... Don't blab in my ears about being a faithful Sunday worshiper because; by your fruits, we shall know if you indeed know whom you serve or pretend to serve.

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