Wednesday, 12 November 2014


There is no way anyone would say they haven't noticed the extreme lack of human benevolence especially, in Nigeria. 

A simple definition of benevolence is "the quality of being well meaning; showing kindness". 

I can go on and on about this topic but I'll just pick on 2 similar occurrences;

5 or 6 years ago, i started out to Victoria Island from Ikoyi, It was raining cats and dogs and i was simply trying to boycott all the traffic by plying the Nitel (Can't think of the name of the street right now) route which was closer to the ikoyi bridge. On getting to end of Nitel road, i looked beyond ("LOL", this phrase always gets me), and realized the bridge i was so desperate to get to, was clogged with cars... I decided to put my gear on reverse. Remember i said it was raining, so trust Lagos to have all its drainage filled to the tip. Before i could say "Jack Robinson", half of my car (by that and i mean, the driver's side) was inside a gutter.

The boys or men or whatever, gathered around (we know how much humans love drama). Meanwhile i was inside a gutter and could only see their legs. They started yelling out that it'd take a lot of strength and money to lift my car from the useless gutter. 

To cut the long story short, i ended up paying them 5000 of my earned money, which they'd DEFINITELY spend carelessly on gbaraga and igbo (weed)!

My sister told me a similar story recently, a woman's car was stuck in a mud and the more she tried to pull the car out, the deeper it went. The Alaye's (hoodlums) around started yelling out "Your f***ing car is stuck, give us f***ing money and we'd help you push it". My sister said she was so mad, she came out of her car yelling at them- saying "that woman is practically your mother, and you cannot help her"?????

The general fact is that, it is rare to find anyone willing to offer help for free. What happened to the satisfaction derived from simply helping each other, offering assistance without expectations, making the world habitable for everyone? Have the conscience of man become so seared that we don't care anymore? Don't we all know that if the habit of benevolence is adopted, we are preparing a BETTER environment for our children?

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