Wednesday, 2 July 2014

What shall we say to advisers???

Tell you the truth, i absolutely do not know how to begin this post, but i guess it would make sense at the end. Who knows someone/something that can explain me to me? Because i get more headaches trying to figure me out- than why pastors feel the need to shout in order to drive home their points. Nothing, asides my uniqueness seem to neither make sense nor hold my interest anymore......Well.... asides the many saviours in life today (Those with unsolicited advices) telling me how to act, speak, dress and even say my name. This normally shouldn’t be placed at any level of importance but I decided to meditate on it. Not on the advices of course, but on the illusion of these said advisers. We must know that someone who have nothing to show for his existence but deems himself right to advice another who is probably better than he is ought to be delusional. Isn’t it shocking that more than half the people in Nigeria are Christians, and based on my very own statistics, over 80 percent are advisors yet the country has been sliding from one awful state to the other?

Results should speak for anyone! The “Do you know who I am?” days are far gone, little wonder I love the saying “Advice is best received when it’s been sort”. I came across this saying some years back in some book written by Michelle Williams and have tried living by it. You should too:). Without results, what have I got to tell the next person? My understanding of 1st Corinthians 10:11 is this; some experiences happen so we could learn from them or teach others from them, but that you are some airhead with zero experience nor result yet got something to say? That is confusing. In fact I have answered my own question….i understand myself….I am simply a woman who’s been seeking God for whom He is and aims at being his representative on earth:), which is all that matters anyway.