Sunday, 27 July 2014

CONTD-------Colonial mentality

So how do we get rid of this menace that has sunk so deep into our skins we can barely stand being black, or appreciate anything made by blacks???? Being it isn’t white, it is substandard???

If I got a penny for every crap I’ve seen in relation to colonial mentality, Bill Gates would have nothing on me. A friend of mine constantly complains to me about some dumb dumb foreigner in his company that has nothing worth more than a bra in his brain, but attains several positions based on the accomplishments of his subordinates (the Nigerians working under him.) Somehow if a Nigerian occupies that position the planet earth would stand still, I presume!

Few years ago while Lekki/Ajah express way was still under reconstruction, it was pouring ran and trust Lagos’ lack of drainages, the traffic was deadly. I looked out my window and saw some Whiteman, obviously the boss; slapping one of the workers handling covet and everyone turned the other way. Maybe if the worker was hit only once I wouldn’t have noticed… I was dazed! I put down my window to ask if he had this authority wherever he was coming from, but how much could I do being not only female, but little as well? Or should I bring up cases of hotels, restaurants etc. in Nigeria, that do not accept the Nigeria currency? Or companies with special cafeterias for the whites and domut”spell check” for the blacks?

Looking at these varying issues, asides from the fact that it has been deposited in our subconscious to step down for everything white including white sheep because we were colonized by them, we also have decided to settle for just anything that comes our way and produce nothing else but something placed in the category of mediocrity. You hear statements like….. God loves the humble, it is well, let’s just bend over and so we don’t get into trouble, let’s do it so it wouldn’t be as if……. What do these statements depict asides from cowardice and hopelessness….. Jesus is humble, but do we know what humility means??? Fear of the unknown and lack of job provisions definitely adds insults to injuries….

In fact let’s talk, why indeed are whites pacesetters??? Why were we colonized by them? Isn’t it because of their desire to exceed boundaries, be adventurous and invent? Major reasons while a Nigerian child is still rolling tires under the rain, some kid is becoming a computer whiz some other parts of the world. 

Learn to expand your horizon, what you think you aren’t or are not capable of achieving, you just might never have or be able to achieve.


  1. On other blogs with hopeless topics people will post their lives out but on sensible topics Nigerians will b silent. That's why we'll remain where we r 4 a loooong looooooong time

  2. Thanks for least someone appreciates my effort. that is all that counts