Monday, 14 July 2014

bow to me you......

I once heard a man at some public speaking function, say Nigerians are suffering from colonial mentality. For a long time I wondered what that meant. Several thoughts came to my mind of course, thoughts like; Blacks do not appreciate their skin colour because we’ve been brainwashed into looking at anything white as superior. I held that thought for a long time until my recent epiphany!

After watching several movies based on slavery and colonialism, I took notice of how “well behaved” the slave home keepers were. They bowed while serving, didn’t call their masters/madams by names etc. Now that we can say slavery is about 70% abolished, the expected behavior from slaves lives on; except this time, the behavior transcends beyond slaves to the “free” everyday people. 

We Nigerians are turning out to be even harder on ourselves than our colonial masters. What is the need for our maids or subordinates to bow while serving us or refer to us as madam asides some ego boosting trip. What would it cost to lift your head and say “thank you” to the gentleman that serves you coffee?? I can never understand that, I am guessing the reason is because; growing up, anytime my siblings and i completed an errand for our dad or finished our chores, he’d say “thank you”, and I am not exaggerating when I say, that propelled me to do even more for him.

Colonial mentality goes beyond skin colour, now it has to do with what we accept and the way we see ourselves. As at two months ago, there was a pride price calculating app that gained popularity. In this app, there is part dedicated to accents – 100,000naira deduction for accents associated with any of the Nigerian tribes and, 100,000naira addition for foreign accents. I thought that was really silly and as lightly as we want to look at it, the truth is, we’d never be good enough in our eyes and those of others as long as we remain stuck in this colonial mentality. What makes a foreign accent better than the regular Nigerian accents? Having someone bow to us or call us madam definitely hasn’t improved the level of IQ either..........



  1. AKINWANDE OLUWATOSIN14 July 2014 at 09:37

    What a great one......keep it up

  2. Nice one dear...yes we have gone past d slave era...but have we really? Permit me to post this on my blog...

  3. Very true, this idea of "Superior-subordinate" is still very dominant in our system (not that its totally wrong) but the level to which its applied calls for concern and I believe that as our consciousness awakes to this truth, change will be inevitable.