Friday, 7 February 2014

Dish it hot

I honestly feel no one understands me asides my creator. The most provoking part is how everyone seems to misconstrue their life assignments. Let me state this here conclusively; not everyone is called to be a motivational speaker or a tipster. What is that saying again? Advice is best received when it has been sought. Is it indeed true that there is an atom of truth in every report? If that is the case, maybe i need to make some modifications. But before that, why does the truth hurt so badly? Why are human beings so sensitive? Don't we have the ability to filter every words aimed at us? That is; choose that which will benefit us and trample the rest underfoot.

I cannot express enough how exasperating it is when everyone finds it crucial to instruct me on how to correctly communicate my messages to people. They call it sugar-coating, really? Sugar-coating as long as i am concerned isn't different from lying. Every time someone tries to critic my work by starting with for instance; I thought you did great but here is a better way to do it next time... I literally hold myself from jumping off a roof out of frustration in order to prevent something more extreme from occurring. You thought i did well yet you have an opinion on a better way i should have done it?

What do you think the world would be like if people were bred to be honest, mature, and courageous and actually wanted the truth???? My answer is; the world will be a better place! We would accept criticism no matter how it is served and become better instead of sulking around like little vexatious children. The manner in which criticism is served matters but not everyone has the ability to discern moods and adopt appropriate manners of communication. In situations as such; what do we do? Suck it up! Really meditate on the words, honestly carry out self-examinations and we are good to go! 

My heart is so full of love; I do not have the ability to hate. I also do not understand why anything should be sugar-coated. Help a brother/sister out by dishing it as it is for improvements to be birth.


  1. Titi if u jump from anywhere I'll personally give u 20 back hand slaps... But ur tori long sha oo people no dey get time read long again

  2. Long ke? What work is ur brain doing that is preventing it from reading this small article? Chika

  3. Yea T gal, the way d truth is dished also depends. It should be honest and constructive. The thing is we humans with specific individual perceptions have different ways of analysis (human factor)... But Deep down our mental engines we know black is black and white is white, therefore the truth shall set us free! Ify