Saturday, 7 December 2013

Spare the rod,spoil the child?

I was watching Dr Oz and there was this lady in the show who stated that every child in America uses at least one negative comment per day. She was relating this to poor parenting and excessive laxity on the parents part. Now you can imagine how magnetized i was to the TV screen.

Teachers are increasingly forced to discipline bad behaviour and take on the role of bringing up children because parents too often falter to their demands. Discussing parenting with my colleagues, one of them suggested that the best people to train your kids are the teachers because biological attachment to kids could hinder one from carrying out necessary disciplinary actions. I disagreed, i know i always object, but it is for a good cause. The inability to train up children rightly hurts them more eventually don’t you think so?  
I am always quick to point out the fact that we take God for granted and as much as He loves us, He is willing to discipline us when necessary. God said in the good book, “"If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give what is good to those who ask Him!”. This shows the disparity between His love for us and discipline. Take David for instance, God called him “the man after my heart” He was very specific about His love for David, yet He still did not spare the child Bathsheba bore him even though he was remorseful and begged over and over again. So why should a parent claiming to love their children so much bring such damage to them by not carrying out their duties in bringing up the child right?
A decline in parenting skills has created a generation of children without moral boundaries. 
                                                                                                             -Liberty without limit is bondage

If the foundation of a house is eaten up by floods, the house built on it will surely crumble. Why isn't disaster anticipated when children are awarded the liberty to make whatever decisions and leave by them without checks? When you are a baby, you think like one, most times people break the boundaries of naivety due to experiences. The elders with these experiences then step in to guide whomever could be deviating into a wrong path. That is the reason the igbo adage says "what an old man sees sitting down, a child cannot see from the top of an iroko tree". Elders are there for guidance, an elder that cannot lead or guide is no different from a dead dog. So it is highly surprising to me that some would wonder what has gone wrong with our children especially the teenagers with the apparent laxity of most parents or guardians. There are different strokes for varying individuals therefore there isn't any formula to 100% BEST PARENTING but; there is one thing that must be infused in all parenting strategies which is DISCIPLINE. This could be handled from different aspects so....bring in a different view point :) 

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