Saturday, 7 December 2013

I have come to accept devil over Nigerians

That's right! I said it. The rate at which Nigerians take laws into their hands amazes me. It is really hard for me to believe that we aren't in the BC (before Christ) regime.

As a kid, i witnessed a boy burned to death by hoodlums in the name of “the vigilante team”. I remember staring in shock and peeing at the same time because i thought the Biafra stories my dad told me were coming to play again. I'd never have thought that anyone will be burnt for stealing garri. I am still a very compassionate person, seeing that event didn't have any adverse effect on me and my inability to harm another, asides the fact that I regret being Nigerian most times. What of those kids that witnessed such on a daily bases and grew up to accept it as the only justifiable means of punishment for any crime? Till date, I haven't been able to watch the ALUU4 killings because it is still a wonder to me how men and WOMEN came together to carryout such gruesome act and a monster could video the whole thing without flinching!
As if that wasn’t enough; yesterday, I came across a video of two women being tortured over stealing pepper! I also wanted to restrain myself from watching it just as I did ALUU4, but decided to toughen up and watch it. I couldn’t stop myself from crying in the process. Every thief shouldn't  be empathized with as that could spur them into believing that is the only way out of hardships; but there are cases we don't need any revelation to know its a cry for help. Seeing a mother of 2 pleading "Shanu Mi (have mercy on me)" and crying in pains, she looked so weak from the torture with pepper all over her wounds, eyes and private parts; just killed me. They made sure these women were flogged till their skin peeled, rubbed pepper all over them and even went as far as inserting sticks coated with pepper into their vaginas! How in the world is that punishment commensurate to the crime committed by these women? In punishing these women, they committed far more crimes than the women did. Now it is very conspicuous that corruption isn't our major problem in Nigeria. In the darkness of our hearts and inability to look after the next person, our colonial masters were wise enough to step in and strip us off every human dignity! 

Sometimes I am forced to believe that God allowed slavery only because of our wickedness. After all we sacrificed our children, killed twins, banished people and declared them outcasts for no major reasons. I know that school of thought is wrong but I am trying to make sense out of why God will allow blacks suffer as much as we did, and the same time i can't help but justify the fact that we deserved every bit of it.

I am almost certain that devil shudders at the extent of our ruthlessness and even desires to adopt our strategies in hurting another. Not to say such crimes exist only in Nigeria, i am only narrowing it down to Nigeria based on what i have witnessed and read.

What is happening to us? Who are we emulating? Definitely not God who is Himself LOVE. Should i then say the devil? of course not! the dude is learning from us now oh. I sincerely hope we give our consciences room to able us make more lighthearted decisions especially when it concerns/affects other humans as ourselves.
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  1. The truth is we aren't happy with ourselves as we should be.

    People find ways to justify their own sins.
    Some act as executioners of others.

    An idle mind is the devils workshop and he is building an army in Nigeria.

  2. Its funny really, for stealing pepper....wat do dey think d unecessary price tag they put on everything is

  3. "...Now it is very conspicuous that corruption isn't our major problem in Nigeria..." I totally agree with you there. I'd pass on watching that video. I haven't recovered from the one I watched where a certain Nigerian was almost mobbed to death in India for whatever reason.
    What even worsens the whole thing is that these women's accusers have probably done worse things, but never been caught. Where is the love in this country? Or have the politicians embezzled it too?