Saturday, 16 November 2013

Childhood stories.......

Growing up, life was beautiful....My father traveled all around because of his job while my mum stayed back home taking care of my siblings and i, also her business.

Having my father around was always the best moments of my life because he was so loving! We would jump on his tummy and blow his belly button, each of us taking turns. I am sure he misses that....
 My mother on the other hand was very strict. As i grew older, i understood she was only trying to fill whatever void might have been there due to my dad's fluctuating presence . 

My mother is a very strong woman! she gave birth to 8 children (4 Boys and 4 girls) so my house was a war zone! We would drive my mum so nuts that she would go out and get a really long slim cane, so that wherever our little legs took us to while running, the cane would still get to us.
I still remember my mum's blue Volkswagen Bug (vocho) 1990 like she had it yesterday because; as children, we weren't allowed to step outside except for our birthdays (this is a story for another day as our birthdays were always FANTABULOUS!), school or during family outings. So whenever we successfully snuck out, we would all be on the look out for her car, even for the sound. If we mistakenly hear the sound, see race na... Usain Bolt had nothing on us.

We lived in a compound consisting of a boys quarter at one end and a large 3-storey building at the other end. I wish i have a picture of it to display here. My mum was the strictest and strongest and only yoruba woman in the compound! LMAO. I guess that was part of the reason she was so strong because she had a lot to contend with. There were lots of children in the compound "you know way back parents cared less about family planning".
Since we weren't allowed to step outside, my siblings and i would wait patiently for my mum to head out; then we would force ourselves through the burglary proofs to join other children downstairs. We would either cook, play ten-ten, tell stories or gather foams from several flats and take downstairs; position them a little below the balconies and jump from the 3rd floor of the building to the ground. It was such a rush!! 
 Our compound didn't have a fence, it had barbwire surrounding it, so each passerby would look in bewilderment as we risked our lives.

My siblings and i weren't even allowed to watch TV except weekends and holidays. We were only allowed to watch some cartoons, chitty chitty bang bang, sound of music, Mary Poppins e.t.c.
My mum will come back from her salon and God bless you if the video set was warm, the flogging we would chop that day, even Angel Gabriel would be confused!

i have so much to say, i would be writing about myself for the next one week. Trust me, You won't be bored... series of movies can be made from my family's story. *was tempted to add win*

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