Saturday, 5 October 2013

Pregnancy as proof of marriage suitability

As always i have taken note of something that is rather intriguing, to me though...
Have you noticed that the trending concept is to get pregnant before marriage? Some even go as far as tearing their boyfriend's condoms, amazing!!! This is vey rampant in the African society. 

Now this isn't about young girls that get pregnant for random guys or due to  mistakes or pressure. It is also not about individuals that have chosen to have kids together but remain unmarried, rather it is about ladies that are actually set out to get pregnant as a guarantee for marriage. 

I asked the view of a friend yesterday on this topic and he said, some mother inlaws or men demand that their brides get pregnant as proof of fertility before the marriage approval flag is waved.. and i was like... what the.....weldone giver of good tidings!! What happened to medical checkups? So after the lady is humped once or twice and she doesn't take in, she should therefore be dumped at the feet of her next suitor to repeat same process? If this pattern continues, won't cats and dogs literally be able to comfortably walk in and out of her vagina? I'll apportion the blame to the lady anyway, because if one's thinking faculty is sharp, there'd be no subjection to this sort of condition.

Asides the fact that some 'celebrities' have resorted to ths lifestyle and are denting the perceptions of young or vulnerablle fans that look up to them, there is need for a general severe mind transformation from such archaic mentality.

I believe that the only reason a lady would think her being pregnant will buy her a place in a man's heart or house is chronic low self esteem, lack of understanding or plain stupidity. After the child suffices and the man tranfers his love to it, what happens to you? You'l merely be a chicken we have to wait for to lay eggs every now and then.

I just read through this and laughed hard at the insults. why am i taking the matter personally like this?

It is because i want the message i am trying to pass across sink in. Thank Jehova for the oyinbos! lol.... Analysis to proof fertility and infertility are available, your job is to be virtuous bla bla... You know all those qualities of a good wife. And not performing martial arts up and down to prove ur sexual prowess or fertility. That some people have been able to retain a man by taking in doesn't make it the right way. 

'While we were yet sinners Christ died for us, we did not prove to him that we were worthy of His love or could return the favour before He made that great sacrifice. Why should you then prove yourself, when your husband is to love you as Christ loves the church'?

for those that do not understand my quote :D; I simply mean, you do not have to prove yourself to anyone through carrying out the act, there are ways to prove these things. Besides a man that loves you wouldn't put you throught that process (long thing).

Though some might just be ignorant and think this pre-marriage event i mentioned is the only way... now i am letting you you that it isn't.

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