Monday, 21 October 2013

Letting yourself get crushed by another's hatred or dislike for you

This is a very serious issue, there are people that have made it their life assignment to make others lives miserable due to their failures, insecurities and ignorance. I have encountered this so many times that i have come to accept the fact that ignorance really kills. Hatred is a mere waste of emotion, i don't even have time to hate the devil because i focus my thoughts on the lovely, favorable etc, in other to live a long achieved life. In fact, my aim is to love unconditionally, meaning I'd also have to love thieves, terrorists and rapists..... The thought of all these creeps me out already but that is the goal. I have termed hatred "The lord of all distractions" because, while one wastes precious time hating, others overtake. In snapping back to reality, you simply discover that while you were drowning in your hatred and ignorance, others were achieving unimaginable successes!

Yes i am using hatred and ignorance synonymously because one has to be completely ignorant to hate another person. We ought to realize that there are gifts we possess that others cannot have and vice versa, therefore there shouldn't be any form of violent competition. In a situation whereby you possess a certain gift which you have left dormant, yet another who might posses similar gift comes along with greater exploits and you choose to hate on him/her, rather that discover the strategy applied to achieve such; it simply spells IGNORANCE boldly in the air.

I think most times people give in to hatred because of pride. Asking questions in order to learn becomes a big deal which deters progress. No human is made to be completely independent, we all need each other in one way or another. So, if you choose not to draw knowledge from another, it simply indicates that death is close by. Why do i say this? Because, if you watch a movie where someone survives a stab to the tummy and try same on yourself without asking where or how deep, you will be gone before one can finish singing "Mary had a little lamb".

I have always attached all said above to anyone i sense tries to downplay my abilities or dislikes me for no reason because; it is simply the truth and i cannot be dragged into imbibing such an inconsequential emotion by returning the emotional favor. To know if this was just my take and no other's, i surfed the web and found something similar to all i have been writting.

Here is what Jamie Lee Macfadden had to say;
Part A:

Is this caused by an animal instinct to hate someone else or maybe jealousy.
I believe most people spread rumors about each other and try to cause trouble simply because they see the other person has more or is has the talent to have more than the other.
Part B:
Do you believe that this productive or counter productive. In my eyes I believe trying to sabotage someone in any means only slows you down in reaching your own goals in life. So you are actually handicapping yourself.

This post isn't aimed at the haters. By all means haters, drown if you like! it is aimed at those that allow themselves be castigated by this, else you will be pulled into the box arranged for you. I'd recommend to continue what you do best as long as it is right. Letting negative emotions get to you will only drop you at the losers corner. Your business, is to perform the best way possible, shine and be exuberant at all times. Cheers :)

P.S: Do not mistake a constructive critic for a hater though. I love constructive critics, they make me better at everything i do.


  1. Nice piece. I'm completely responsible for my own happiness too. My peace of mind isn't dependent on any hater. Unfortunately not everyone understands this. A lot of people dwell so much on (haters) opinions that it gets to them psychologically. Just last week, CNN reported the story of a teenage american girl who committed suicide 'just' because of bad words/bullying from her classmates.
    According to Einstein, "Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."
    Haters - most often than not - misjudge people; & the biggest mistake one would make would be to let the misjudgment get to them. Discover the genius in you, focus on it and you'd be amazed at the result...

  2. Wonderful piece Winnie

  3. Wonderful piece Winnie