Sunday, 13 October 2013

Humans Insatiable Quest for Sex

Sex is a topic often shyed away from especially in africa due to the varying cultural tenets, but i have chosen to write on it because, it is a matter that always has my attention. Not to insinuate that i am a freak; rather, i desire to grab the varying understanding, appeal and feel of it to different individuals.

Sex in this topic is not referring to gender (male and female), it as rather reffering to sexual intercourse. Let me start by trying to get a general definition for sex.

What is sex?
 This is what planned parenthood have to say about sex...

People define “sex” in different ways. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as “sexually motivated behavior.” This sounds right to us. But not everyone agrees with the dictionary or with us. People all have their own definitions of what “sex” and “having sex” means.

For some people it’s only penis-in-vagina intercourse. For some people, it’s only penis-in-anus intercourse (anal sex). For some people, it’s genital rubbing without intercourse. For some people, it includes oral / genital contact. For some, it includes masturbation. The possibilities are many. For most experts (like Merriam-Webster and us), it includes all of the above.

I personally equate kissing, caressing and even the thought of it to sex. Why? Because Nigerians will say "Na from clap dance dey start". If i am asked to translate this, i'd say "the suggestion leads to the very act".... I really can't think of a better way to put it at the moment. I don't see how two people would be kissing and touching eachother intimately without the thought of sex.

Getting into the meat.....

Lets not forget that sex is very pleasurable, infact it consists of several benefits. Most importantly, it is human to crave for it, the cravings are naturally inbuilt in every human. I can bet that if  two completely innocent children are caged for years, they will eventually have sex with neither prior knowledge of it or lessons. One of the reasons if not the topmost reason why i want to be married is because of sex (because i could engage in the act over and over again without a trace of guilt! *WHEW*). Little wonder the world is such a sexual place! Everyone wants to obtain it either passionately or forcefully, whichever way goes. 

That is why sex education MUST be infused at a very early stage, in anyone's life that is.... I believe the image of sex we insert in the brain or minds of our children will go a long way in shapening their conception of it. With a proper knowledge of it, one wouldn't need to rush into it or obtain it forcefully; because these decisions are usually based on the rush alone and nothing else. It's highly irritating when i have to read stories on rape especially incidents in Nigeria, and see comments such as 'hes a devil, a beast bla bla, he should be killed' etc. It is because of this our tendency to be vexed withoout clear reasoning that tire and kerosene are always on the standby to lynch whomever does not conform to our boxed imagination and logical reasoning ability.  Why not understand the root cause of such evil (not to say ignorance is the only reason) and find solutions rather than dropping empty comments??? By sex education i dont mean those retarded stuffs our parents told us about a guy touching u and KA-BLAAM the tummy potrudes due to pregnancy or boys wasting away their productive sperms *rolling my eyes*

See teenagers having sex anyhow as if there is some sort of Trophy for it, don't even get me started on adults with multiple sexual partners, including those that will sell their birthright just for 3minutes of pleasure or number of 'valleys of the shadows of death one would crosss all for sex.
Well, i am not the knowledge base of it all, was merely thinking of it all and couldn't push the first reason behind the miscontrued conception of sex that came to my mind. Which is; improper sex education.


  1. But you know even with sex education a lot of people still have sex, Like the uk for instance, teenagers get sex education early Get to know about contraceptives and what not at a very young age and they start having sex at very young ages. I have met girls here who started having sex at the age of 13 or 14. Its even better in africa sex coz a lot of people like shying away from the topic of sex and even though they have desires they hide it and so there's a bit of limitation I think And I wouldn't call it an insatiable quest, its. Primal instinct or default setting I would call it, from childhood we attracted to the opposite sex Coz the primary aim of people in this world is reproduce and that isn't possible without sex but the thing is, its pleasurable and its a craving that can't be quenched, its an addiction that lingers on forever, Explains why in africa pple rush into getting married coz they want to have as much sex as possible without restrictions or shame coz it is seen as immoral to have sex outside wedlock. But in the uk you see a young girl with a patch on her hand, You know she's having sex immediately coz its a birth control measure, she obviously loves the pleasure she's deriving but doesn't want any children as a result.

    I don't thing its a quest, Its the greatest gift to mankind, it is pleasurable and a craving we want to satisfy given the opportunity. I personally enjoy sex and if I can get it without having to wait till am married I'll cease the opportunity (I know this goes against religion) but this is me setting aside religious beliefs.

  2. Nice one sis... Sex education shld be taught first @ home, church yessss church! And in school

  3. Another reason is the way the media now portray sex.....yes d media!! Media seem to influence way more that upbringings.


  4. sex was not only created for reproduction,but genetic transformation from one generation to the other,so the more of sex you have,the more attributes of you,you deposit on earth.for an individual,its our duty to leave a legacy behind,the more legacy u leave,the more relevant you break bottle for ma head ooooooo.

  5. lol Anon 3:49 shame on you!!! Tee

  6. All-well-said; na from clap dance dey start,... however comprehensive sex education is developmentally appropriate. My opinion: Introducing information on relationships, decision-making, assertiveness, and sex will help resist social/peer pressure for sex (even though it's "Primal Instinct or Default" as indicated in the first comment Anon 13:51)