Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Have you stopped to notice that human beings have an insatiable appetite for more? More money, more fun and what have you? Why is that? Is it greed, selfishness? Or are humans just capable of achieving more than are being currently achieved? Are we demi-gods that have been subdued by our environments, cultures, societies and have lost our abilities to make exploits beyond imagination due to intense focus on trivialities? 

O well, we will discover how to strike a balance as we go….

This article focuses on being content, not satisfied with mediocrity or little successes but finding inner peace as we come up with strategies to achieve more. 

if you don't have enough right now to be happt, it's lilkely you never will.          -Anonymous

Why are human beings almost never contented? Some believe we are never contented with our little successes because we are gods in weak containers (body) and somehow, our inner beings are aware of our extraordinary capabilities but cannot bring about the manifestations of those things due to some barricades such as; the mind, circumstances surrounding us and even the body.

My answer would be; as long as you are living, there is more for you to do. No one’s life is waste of time or space except if you make it so. I wouldn’t say it is greed or ignorance to want more in life; it is natural, very much human. Any man with blood running through his veins should desire more. But, if you do not appreciate your little successes, you will never attain more…. Being content can make you try certain things and fail over and over again because; you appreciate the fact that each failure brings you closer to the desired success! Desiring more blindly will simply make you change course. You might end up dabbling into so many businesses that would eventually fail.

I will conclude with what Kendra Scott has to say…

Being in my early thirties it is easy to always be in an “I want” mentality. I want to go further in my career (or some days) I want a better house, I want a better car, I want to travel, I want, I want, I want. I work very hard every day to provide myself and my family with the things I think I really want. Problem is if I come up short despite my efforts, I am left feeling like somehow I’ve failed and then I do the dreaded comparing my situation to that of my peers and I’m really left feeling crappy. I have to be careful because if I’m always striving for more will I ever feel like I have enough? Will I ever be able to look around at my lovely life and feel fulfilled?
Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want, but the realization of how much you already have. – Anonymous

Being content with my life just the way it is does not mean I won’t continue to work hard and someday get all of the “I wants” on my list. What it does mean is that I will live deliberately and choose to not get caught up in the details of this fast-paced world. As long as I keep working hard my aspirations and goals will get achieved. But by slowing down and enjoying all that I already have I will probably have more happy days than frustrated ones and feel more accomplished than defeated.
Contentment is not settling in my book. It is appreciating the gifts in my life that I am fortunate enough to have and it is being grateful for having the things that I need.
If i end up being the only person to read this post, I'd still well be fulfilled. Cheers!

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  1. I read it too :), and I'm glad I did. I can totally relate to the wanting more syndrome and it could get very depressing. It takes a lot of discipline to be content but not settle, I'm working on it. At the end of the day, doing something fulfilling gives peace and joy indescribable, these are emotions to hold on to and keep moving.