Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The fight between women

Indeed an ancient topic i was indifferent about till i became a 'victim' heheh.... Infact lately, i have been extra-ordinarily kind to women just to dispute the notion that we actually hate eachother.
While researching on the reasons behind the said hatred, i came across some really amazing comments, ome of which are....
I think women by nature are just catty creatures. We bash everyone in society for being racist or homophobic, yet here we are, the women of the world, hating on each other more than anyone else. Women always seem to think other women have underlying motives, and the natural defenses are always up, which is why we judge before we get to know them as people. We're posessive creatures [even though we might not always know it], and when other women are in the mix, regardless of whether they're a 'threat' or not, it's instinct to dislike them. And of course, you can never rule out 'women's intuition'. Sometimes women won't like someone 'just because'. We're complex creatures.... [no wonder we drive men insane sometimes!] 

good question, even though it is an ancient one. I suppose it goes back to days when men were scarce and women had to fight to keep them (cavemen) we have yet to evolve! I have always had this problem, and my husband is the frontman of a band so I have had to deal with it relentlessly! While I consider myself attractive I know I am not judemental. I have even been snubbed when trying to start a conversation with women, like literally ignored. It is shameful. You would think women would stick together. Ah well I have my best girlfriend who is a major babe and together we laugh at the jealous ones! I have given up on it, if someone wants to socialize with me, great, if not, I could care less. I simply smile brightly when they cast me that hated gleam...LOL 
If i am asked, i would say that women ought to stick together, we were not created in anyway what soever to compete against eachother. No one understands the pains of a women like another women because we practically go through similar challenges during child birth, the blame for raising a stubborn child, loving blindly et al....

This topic is indeed a broad one as there are several motives behind every hatred, delving into these motives will mean writting about 100 pages on this topic and i know reading long articles isn't exactly a nigerian thing lmao!! not kidding though.

My concusions would be that we(women) all need to take a time out analysing the reasons behind the defense against our kind. It would definitely resort to esteem issues because we seem to have lost touch of whom we are. Every woman possess a wonderful gift that another cannot have, i think the problem sets in when we desire to be like someone else and when known that such wish is unattainable, we resort to hating the havee (lol, she that possesses the gift).

Take time to medidate then understand whom you are woman!!

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