Sunday, 1 September 2013

The devil is always to blame

I know I know! Devil is the bad guy, the reddish/black beast and accuser of the brethren, the deceiver and what have you?  
I do not oppose any of these descriptions, it is only best to understand the premises from which these conclusions are induced.

Before I begin, I’d like to make it known that I stand to be corrected…

A woman walks into her matrimonial room only to behold her husband sleeping with a strange lady, and then then man says ‘wait honey! I can explain. It is the devil’ (This would always be an epic response as long as I am concerned. loll)..........

Are we really going to accord this act to the devil? The truth is the devil is either over estimated or underestimated every time he’s name is brought up.

Such acts do not just happen. It is only a toddler that would head for a fire oblivious of the danger that awaits it. In every bow to wrong, there are several stages one passes through which are; the suggestion stage, the mentation stage and decision making stage.The only stage where the devil might be able to circumvent anyone is the “suggestion stage” because; he attacks areas of our weaknesses and ignorance, which was why the devil started by weakening the instruction God had passed to Eve via Adam by asking  “did God indeed say, ‘you ,must not eat ANY tree in the garden’?”. Note; ANY, did God say that? Of course not! So here was the chance to walk away! 

I strongly believe, as a matter of fact, I know that in every temptation, there are possible routes of escape.We only implement the suggestion because we’ve made up our minds (decision) and not because we are in a trance or forced into anything. I am not alleging that one must be perfect, I am saying let us call a spade a spade. Accept our faults and try doing things differently, not going round the circle because we have refused to learn.

Reverting to the cheating husband, he might have seen the lady and started thinking to himself *wow! Omo see better meat, this one go sweet for vita foam*et al...So before anyone can scream Jack Robinson! He’s already headed for her. 

Pause! Who can spot the routes of escape? I can! There are so many of them, from the admiration, to heading for her. So when the husband told his wife it was the devil, did he mean it was actually the devil she was seeing sleeping with the lady or he was dragged into the room, then on top of the lady by the devil? Other than that, I am totally lost.

I believe we let the devil take the fall for our excesses because we are in denial of our wickedness. So we shift blames like Adam did, telling God ‘it is the woman you put here with me that gave me some fruit and I ate’ forgetting God passed the instruction to him specifically. We are responsible for decisions we make and shouldn’t go around blaming the devil for the outcome.

The bone of contention is to guard our emotions and not look around for a target to throw blames at when things go south. I can't believe a human being who claims she had an affair with a pastor would blame it on 'trance' in order to completely rid herself of all faults and guilt.
Healing doesn't come with denial. Err acceptance is definitely a good way to start.

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