Thursday, 8 August 2013

Deciding to live above unemployment

It is not news anymore that the rate of unemployment in Nigeria gets worse every year and nothing is being done to curtail this problem, but how do we stand out? Do we want to waste away our lives throwing insults at the incompetent children we have as leaders who instead of finding solutions to Nigeria's many problems, they thought it best to sit on what age is bestto satisfy their sexual urges in the name of marriage?

I've had 2 horrible jobs after my NYSC. I even named my experiences THE CAUSE OF ONE MAN BUSINESS!!!
I quit the first job not knowing my next move but i had to live beyond that nonsense talk that has stagnated a lot of our youths "ahhhh! get another job before you quit your current horrific job. half bread is better than none". Really? Is half bread really better than none? I think none is far better! lol. Seriously though, we have to kill fear so that we can make great exploits.

I left the job o! imagine working for bloody peanuts that doesn't even come in at the right time? then u begin to chop stupid talks like "It's not always about the money but the experience"  Seen? Dude Funmi mi owo mi jare! (give me my bloody money!) na experience i go chop when hunger wipes me to the generation beyond?
Don't even get me started on the current job! But, after speaking to my dear friends (bless their souls), i have decided to learn a skill. I am super excited, i cant remember ever being so full of joy, ever! i start next week. I didn't procrastinate this one at all. If there's anything I've learned in my life, it is that procrastination is a killer. All things being equal, few posts from now, i'll be introducing my product whooot! whoott!!

So my dear young men and ladies, look around you biko..Think of something you can do. I don't mean you should quit your current job oh! I mean something that cannot be taken away from you, even by own pendulum of an economy. If you want white collar, please do take professional courses, even if you are a mechanic, cleaner, think of things you can do to stand out and go for it with immediate alacrity. For example; i recently switched mechanics because the former always returned my car dirty. Nothing pisses me off in this life more than dirtiness i tell you! So, wouldn't it be nice if you are the mechanic that goes the extra mile?? Anyway i don talk my own.

Watch out for me :D

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