Thursday, 11 July 2013

Come read how one of our numerous 419ners tried to prepare gbegiri soup for himself and his family ontop my head. 

On Wednesday which was yesterday, I borrowed my dad’s car so I could go pick some groceries just within my estate. I guess the “prophet” saw me step out of the car and head for a store so he decided to get creative.
As I exited the first store headed for another and humming a lovely song that’d been playing in my heart all through that day, he began following me as though I had glue on my bum.

You see, because we all have trials to deal with and anxiously want a relief, these vultures try to pick on general problems, that is; they dwell on the usual superstitions or fears that has caged most Africans and has deterred us from experiencing peace and joy in the Holy Ghost!! And to think I blogged about false prophets few months ago…

Anyway, he put on the serious face and asked to speak with me at a corner which I agreed to because honestly, boredom was frying my head and I wanted to have a dramatic moment. Next thing he said he could see an old woman following me, a woman that is envious of my mother and wants to get at me to hurt my mum *yawn*. When he saw I was obviously bored, he moved to PLAN B! That he could see a young man beside me that’s been deceiving me, that the young man is married!!! I was like hhuh???? If only you know the level of boredom that’s making me stand here with you at the first place! Meanwhile as he talked, I took my time to scrutinize his outfit and phones and realized it was broke ages exposing the stupidity of someone’s father like that. Then he went on to see a grave [that’s been dug for him and other reckless fowls like him] which I was quick to reject!!  
While he was buzzing, I sincerely wanted to add a touch of humor so he’d fall into my sweet trap, then I’d have to lecture him but my humor would have meant me inviting things that didn’t exist into my life by my words. So I pushed that idea aside.
At this time he was offended by my *devil-may-care* attitude and decided to speak with authority in his next try. He demanded I look at him as he was talking to me! I don’t know what his ancestors rubbed in his eyes but I fixed my eyes in his!! THUNDER FIRE DEVIL THAT ONE ANIMAL WOULD DARE OPPRESS ME WITH THE ‘LOOK INTO MY EYES’ TALK!! Said my friend used my hair [you see how he kept trying so that atleast one out of the many he’d blabbed will fit into a challenge I might be dealing with].
Next he moved to my friends, that one of my female friends took my hair somewhere, that if he had time, he would have told me her name [mind you, we had all the time in the world! In fact instead of that lame statement, he could have just said the name already!!]. I then asked who the friend is with a grin. He started buzzing about how I’m not taking the matter serious, that he had doubts coming to meet me because young ladies are nonchalant about spiritual matters. How can God send someone to my life that’d make me live in fear and begin to shudder even when lizards pass by me!! He said he humbled himself to meet me despite the fact that he had a programme to attend.

In fact the matter long…. I was almost enjoying the drama though. I’d never experienced it.
Next the guy moved to my family, that the cousin I love so much has turned around to hurt me for the good I’ve brought to her/him/whomever.
That’s when I got totally pissed that this one don kolo. I have heard about the chaos they start in families formally living in peace. Making men accuse their wives of being witches and vice-versa. I don’t know why human beings are so desperately wicked! Just for a few cash that one isn’t even sure there’d be life to enjoy, families are been destroyed! May we have the wisdom of God to understand our position in Christ!
Immediately I got into my car, I rejected every nonsense he said and called things as I wanted them to be, into my life. Don’t think I was just flashing my 32 as though I was doing advert for dabur toothpaste.
May we have true wisdom of God to separate magic from miracles and the truth from another's illusions.
 I rest my case.


  1. Damn straight!! nice Tee

  2. What of people that are possessed by demons or something? are they still capable of deciding for themselves?

  3. No mind am, woman way old reach like that talk say she no know wetin carry am go bed.. Mschwest!