Saturday, 13 July 2013

Pedophilia now legalized in Nigeria??? At least that's the way i see it

Update: I posted a short article few weeks ago on 'Child molestation in Nigeria and the way forward', including an audio file in which the speaker averred that there would be a time when pedophilia wouldn't be such an omen to consider. I definitely had my doubts about that day ever coming to be.

well, it has come to stay like that bloody gay church in lekki, what's the name again? well, the name is mentioned in the audio file. Interesting stuff listen to it. My heart bleeds for our children. How do we protect them from all these  pandemonium?

Culled from Lindaikeji's Blog..

The Nigerian senate on Tuesday July 16th pegged the official marriage age in Nigeria as 18 years when they amended the constitution. Then Former Zamfara Governor, now Senator, Sani Yerima, who married a 13 year old Egyptian girl in 2010, opposed the age restrictions saying it was anti-islam. For some reason the Senate agreed with him and made an about turn.

The Senate has now deleted the age specification from the new constitution, leaving marriage age for women open. They stated that 'a woman is deemed to be “full of age” once she is married irrespective of the age she did so.'

Old: Many of us are aware of the increasing rate of child abuse occurring all over the world but give little thought to the aftermath. Though this occurs around the world, I am narrowing this topic down to Nigeria alone because we shy away from it and this deters us from giving the necessary lessons our children need thereby making them vulnerable to the pedophiles, gays etc. The sermon attached to this post is meant for everyone. I remember when i was little, my mum was a disciplinarian and never allowed us downstairs (We were living in a large compound with other families then). She didn't exactly explain why she restricted us so much but we always found a way out!! It was just recently i asked why it was so; and she told me she didn't want us molested. It would have made a difference if she explained her actions then. We were oblivious of the reasons behind her being so protective! please religion shouldn't be a barrier here. These sad acts are befalling a vast number of people inclusive of Christians, Muslims, pagans, atheists etc. Listen to it and I’m sure you’d be as shocked and heartbroken as I was learning what children face and also trying to envision what the future holds for them. This sermon made me understand why a lady would prefer her husband or boyfriend calling her demeaning names while sleeping with her, why some have insatiable urge for sex, while some men see women as objects to tyrannize, why some women hate men and resort to feminism and lots more. I am not according all these grievous acts to previous molestation alone but if traced back, majority of these springs up from a faulty foundation. PLEASE DO NOT SKIP, the sermon isn't long, it’s just about an hr – 1 hr  30 mins and doesn't only state the problems but suggests solutions. It’d be useful to share this post with as many peoples as possible especially if you relate to the topic.


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