Saturday, 1 June 2013


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I don't know which is more pathetic, blogging on a friday night or sitting directly beside a very boring cousin that cant even crack a joke to safe his legs from amputation.

Boredom is a bloody disease!!! I wonder what happened to the good old days when my friends and i would hit anywhere we felt like, dancing, jumping, singing and dissing every passerby till we are too exhausted to even carry our own legs. Oh i know, now everyone is so serious with responsibilities. It is actually times like this that i wonder what the heck Eve was doing resting on a tree she was warned not to eat from or why civilization came to stay. I would have so preferred hopping from one spot to the other at the moment.. LOL!!
 I totally just learned from what i just wrote! I was complaining about my current condition (level 10 boredom) to a friend and he suggested i come and spend 2 days at he's as though we would spend the times brainstorming on the architectural designs of the house...DEFINITELY NOT!!

Are you getting my point now? why go close to a tree i don't have any intention of eating from? If  you are not getting me, bless your soul :).
Well i thank God i can write at times like this, i bet some of you are getting it worse than this. heheh.. TGIF everyone! hugs and kisses everyone! Good night.

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