Friday, 21 June 2013

The flesh eaters!! Or are they?

Hello my faithful readers :),

I am sorry about the long silence, i was actually ill. Cold+fever+malaria=Self Diagnoses! Anyway, the experience wouldn't have been so horrible if sore throat + catarrh [cold] weren't in the equation. There was a particular night i felt as though a cashew nut was stuck in my throat, i coughed all through the night! OK not all through but at least for an hour, it was HORRIBLE!!!! But thanks to Jesus! I’m ok now.

Moving on...

One of my closest friends is deliberating the possibility of going into a relation with a guy from Ngwa, Abia State. But she's seriously concerned about the stories she's heard about Ngwa people being flesh eaters. Well if they really WERE, it would have been during the war and that should be extinct. I also heard about it while i was quite young and thought them to be cannibals, but that was me being childish.

Growing up, i heard about the Nigerian/Biafran war but not extensively. My father only spoke of the aftermath, that is; how he excelled despite the challenges that surrounded the Igbos and therefore, my siblings and i did not have any excuse to be failures. I was also aware that he lost two of his sisters and father during the war and that was about it. I seriously lacked knowledge and interest in the war until few months ago after reading "Half of A Yellow Sun" by Chimamanda Adichie. I didn't want to draw my conclusions from the Igbos perspective only because i know they are hurt and might be biased, so Google became my best companion after God. While i was still reading on the war day and night (I know right... it was a serious matter. My heart went out to the victims. I could feel every pain), a friend sent me a documentary: Naij by Jide Olanrewaju (A must watch for every Nigerian youth else we'd never understand the problem with Nigeria, how it all started and the way forward). Fantastic documentary!! He had clips of events in Nigeria from the colonial to Obasanjo's regime. The documentary should be called "Light to the Youths" or something of that sort! Absolutely opened my eyes and i am grateful to both him and my friend Rolake.
So this people were starved to the point of no recovery. Try to imagine a war that went on for almost 3years without any definite source of food. That would have been awful. Of course every grass turned to veggies in their eyes. They ate lizards, frogs, drank dirty water and eventually turned to eating dead humans (Not all Igbos ate humans oh). Imagine starving to the point that your sight is blurry then you see a corpse... that will suddenly look like a bloody chicken to you!!! Therefore, i do not believe any other Ngwa flesh eating stories asides what i have written. Remember it was an intense research and i am not from Ngwa in case you are wondering. lol

Why is this post compulsory? Because there are different sides to a story and i just gave you the other side. Ciao!

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