Thursday, 2 May 2013

TDH!! Tall Dark and Handsome

hello my dear readers, so this is me after a lovely hangout writing about physical preferences people attach to their partners. I chose this topic because it was the principal contention at the hangout; over 3560 teeth were flashing in the air due to how peculiar the topic was. i laughed so hard that my throat actually hurts at the moment. Is there any topic in this world as fascinating as boy girl talk? i think not!! wish i made a video urrrghhh....sorry guys.

Guys felt they alone had the right to attach physical preferences to their "commodities", by that i mean women, they even quoted a scripture in Isaiah *can't remember the chapter now* that "it shall come to pass when there shall be 7 women to one man"! LMAO!
That one is isaiah's wahala.. me i have a preference and that is TDH!!!!

I refer to these 3-in-1 attribute as rare because the few guys that managed to possess them in recent times seem to be either daft or gay... well i am yet to see otherwise *straight face*, but speaking from the physical side of attraction, TDH have got to be in the top 3 of every girl's desire.
OK since i am supposed to be a changed person, no more insults! But really if you have high expectations as to how your girl should look [cite the ideal lady pic], niggar you'd better be willing to look like this [cite the ideal man pic]
ideal guy
Ideal lady



  1. lmao @ 7 girls to one man indeed.

  2. The girl is not even hot. Lol