Wednesday, 29 May 2013

An upsurge of prophet

I am certain many Nigerians if not all, are also trying to fathom the truth behind the increased number of prophets in Nigeria today (am talking about Nigeria alone oh because i don't know how far with the rest of the world). If you are not worried yet as a christian due to lack of concern for this topic, then you should be; because it is the responsibility of every christian to protect the truth, else in a little while, all that will be left of Christianity will be people angry at God for not fulfilling his promises "lies told us by some prophets"or people blaming God for not protecting us from disasters we've sustained. When in reality, it is our duty to intercede for ourselves, the simpletons and ignorant in order to blockade these wolves in the name of prophets and other calamities we encounter.

lets look at this scripture together to acquire a little knowledge on spiritual gifting.. 1 Corinthians 12:1-12.
The scripture above clearly states that we Christians have different gifting which are given us as the Holy Spirit wills. There are teachers, Prophets, Givers, Encourager etc. But in recent times, everyone that claim to have been called from God seem to attach "Prophet" to their names especially, really wretched individuals seeking a way out of poverty. Why is this?
 My take is... Because of the increasing challenges every individual has to deal with on account of the unrelenting corruption of our leaders, myopic thinking, superstition etc, the voice of God is being sort more than ever; leading to a rapid increase in number prophets as the area of spiritual  revelation now passes off as the juiciest of business!!
Nigerians are constantly being lied to, extorted from.....heck people are even dying out of ignorantly trusting the every word of a fellow man.

Why is the lesson of the berean Christians not functional in the world today?

It is because, people sincerely sort God in the days of old because they either wanted a transformation in their lives (ex; Jabez), discovered the truth (Example; Apostle Paul*i so love this guy so much by the way*), or were against the truth (the pharisees which were the religious leaders). But today, (i cite corruption, modernization and greed as majorly responsible) Christians seek God for either more blessings or the destruction of human enemies which is unnecessary because the scripture tells us that "we fight not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers". So why pray for the death of a fellow human when the devil will quietly creep-walk into the body of another willing or ignorant fellow?

we have prophets turning husbands against their wives, parents against their children, brother against another brother because they are either accused of being witches or responsible for every ill luck. If Christians were really seeking God for the truth then wouldn't the bible be the first call instead of some man with a strange garment and busy beard? No wonder Jesus in Mathew 22:99 said "You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God."

*sigh* i am neither a preacher nor a mighty spiricoco, i guess my quest for the reason everyone seems so downcast motivated me to go for this topic. Please let us not be ignorant or plain stupid, lets use our God given endowment "intellect" to research. Going through the scriptures and other books that treat our areas of interest, rather than be victims of people like ourselves seeking their ways to breakthrough. But they, through manipulation of others


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