Saturday, 20 April 2013

Mid-life crises syndrome??

Mid-life crises is usually associated with people between the ages of 40-60, but i want to believe there are prerequisites or symptoms one initially comes across before the actual mid-life sets in.

One of my greatest fear is getting old and losing relevance; in fact that is my only fear, death is not a problem after all, i am going to heaven anyway :D. i guess i have let that fear deplete a huge chunk of my youth therefore causing me to be a little edgy, building mountains out of molehills as my friend will put it.  May God save us from the fear of old age, AMEN!! lol 

Let me take a detour to a little something i wrote about a guy last year, apparently i was gisting my husband (FYI, haven't met him; but his eyes will pop and his ribs will crack when i give him the privilege of going through the journal heheheh);

Here it goes;
i met this black shit *name withheld* whom I've got zero attraction for, he's not half good looking and smiles way too much (i mean his words slip through his open teeth) which aggravates the hell out of me! His mannerism is just as atrocious as he appears; i mean; couldn't that have been his selling point? to top it all, he's a bloody prevaricator!! *i have to use the extravagant grammar, my husband is going to be reading this you know :D*

On Saturday  some girl called him while he was at my place and he denied being with a girl right in front of me; when i deliberately coughed, he said we were 5 people all together in the car. It was actually just him and i in his car.
much later, i was out with him and a friend of his who commented on my beauty, and the fowl said hes not decided on my matter yet, that i was an under study!!!!! imagine the impetuous *in my igbo tongue*, better come and whisk me a way from all this prototypes! how long do you actually intend i cope with all this na??

well, i consider this as mid-life crises, else i'd just to ignore him and his drama and enjoy my youth, rather than dwell on the unnecessary. i am not even approaching 30years on earth soon and already talking about mid-life crises *WHEW*. Thank Goodness i found my lost blog today! nothing else takes my mind off worries like reading and writing!
                               LOVE Y'ALL.... i hope


  1. LOL. Guys are badmen.

    Cool english down for #DearFutureHusband sha.

  2. Ur future husband is sure gna v a headache translating all these grammar

  3. lol...i thought same. continue the good word sugar


  4. Now that's who you call Badoo *in Olamide's parlance*.

    Cool writing style and the tone of writing is also warm.

  5. couldn't stop laughing! very heart-warming... nice writing style. well done gal!

  6. This is why I don't like you, you always have a way of making me feel like an olodo, your writting is brilliant n grammer very execellent. Great story tho I actually have smiles all over but note I still don't like you. ;)