Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Slept with him on our first date

Came across this and thought to share...

I Lay wide awake because I did it!
I slept with him the same night I met him
Without considering his true feelings
Without enquiring about him
Without a single care in the world
Aware that men can promise the world
As long as there is a reward.....


The main fall of man and woman
The fall of King Solomon
The fall of Samson
The fall of Caeser
And many more still to come...

Woman, when would thou know thy worth?
When would you realize that you are wired differently?
When would you block your ears
From the words of seducers?
When would thou keep thyself
For the special one?

You made the decision
Do not hide from it
Do not throw a pity party
Do not blame anyone else but you
Do not hate thyself
Do not hate him
Pick up the pieces
Stop/control the damages
And move on

Move on with your experience
Move on with your knowledge
Move on with understanding
And do not write about a next mistake
But a Victory!