Sunday, 15 March 2015


So I went to an Anglican church today (which I really enjoyed by the way) for the mothering Sunday service #greatmothers #happymotheringsunday #ilovemymummy #mothers WHEW!!!

OK back to the service, so it was finally about time for the children's presentation which most of them were fumbling through anyway. Each of the children had the task to quote a verse from the scripture, I couldn't help but be irritated! Not at the children though but at the Sunday school teacher coordinating them and the society. I have sat through several horrific presentations from children in Nigeria and have concluded that we are not doing a great job at raising our children.

Firstly, what is the need for children to cram scriptures they have no understanding of??? Isn't that a typical example of lip-service??? They reminded me of the Nigerian wacky educational system of cramming for exams and forgetting all right after writing the paper.

Secondly, why are our children's presentations always so out-of-sync even after months of rehearsals??? I am all for cheering the kids as a way of urging them to believe in themselves and therefore do better but I am sorry..... When the presentation is wack IT IS WACK!!!

Mediocrity shouldn't be accepted as the real deal. I remember sitting through "Saro", a stage dance drama and wondering why in the heck they weren't in complete sync when the VIP ticket cost 25,000 naira!!!

Writing this reminds me of "gullible" Nigerians least NEPA tried, we hand light all afternoon, ahh Government tried with the lekki/epe express way even in the absence of public toilets, pedestrian bridges and overhead bridges!

I don't want to hear "they tried", deliver spotless services, presentations, goods e.t.c as promised! But before I start sounding to angry, let me know your thoughts :-)