Thursday, 5 June 2014


Who/what feeds our minds?

There are several factors capable of feeding our minds and eventually our hearts. Factors such as our environment, Culture, Media, religious grounds etc.... My focus today is on the media. 

Elders in Nigeria are quick to condemn the 21st century lifestyle, but what exactly is behind the transition from the 1950s to the 21st century? The only constant thing they say; is change, but there's got to be something bringing about the said changes. Things such as THE MEDIA. Clothing trends, relationships, perception and lots more are practically dictated by the media, that is the reason I saw the Palestinians as the devils and Israelis as the good guys. 

One of the most difficult conundrums for people is the media. We live by what we watch on TV, read in the papers or hear but shouldn't every story be question especially when coming from humans that are susceptible to adding tweaks here and there? I have seen stories in several stations about the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians; and the Israelis strategically portrayed as the victims surrounded by enemies that are only bent on bringing them down. But! there is more!! Am i an advocate for the Palestinians? NO! But never rely on the media as your only source of information. Visit the places with the stories or read from both sides? Example; did Americans find the nuclear weapons they sort in Iraq? Was the outcome exaggerated as much the allegations of nuclear weapon possession by the media?

Enjoy the video below and follow up as required......